Wer kennt reelive wap Dirtyydickk.

I rose reluctantly and opened the bolt. Garcia’s gaze immediately buried in the hollow between my breasts.

– Well, what are you staring at? – I plugged into the dressing gown more tightly. – Come on.

I settled on the bed, Garcia – next to, laying out maps and directories.

It was quite interesting to listen to, Garcia patiently explained the incomprehensible moments, I asked enthusiastically, even argued on this or that question until the old man put his hand on my thigh with the words:

– At the moment, a south-west wind is blowing unusual for these latitudes, so we should arrive in Szkazdot much earlier.

“Does that give you the right to put your hand on my hip?” I raised an eyebrow in amazement. “Are you scared to sleep with me?”

– Wer kennt reelive wap Dirtyydickk. And how! – the hand crawled to the edge of the dressing gown, touching the bare skin.