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She asked.

She let go of Marina and went to Rita.

“Show your ass!” She ordered.

“I do not have any allergies,” Canada sex Lovepinklilly.

Rita replied to the laughter of the girls.

The director tried to bare Rita’s buttocks by force, but the girl pushed her away.

Directress went to Katya and bare her ass.

There was nothing there.

– Be aware! She ordered.

Katya, looking frightened at Anna, took off her shoes and socks.

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Anna after the fifteenth, Rita just groaned and frowned. After the thirtieth blow.

The headmistress approached the girls, crouched down and asked:

– Well, so, you beat them Anna, Katya and Rita Web camesexyfree Vitya1602. beat you?

– Yes!!! – shouted Anna

– Yes!!! – wheezed Katya

– No!!! Rita cried in a strangled voice.

The beating resumed. Anna and Katya yelled at the voice, Rita only shook her head and hissed.

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Rita shook her head and bit her lips. After 10 blows Katya lost consciousness.

The execution was stopped. The girl was brought to life.

– Rita, you are strong, stronger than me, I’m sorry, I’ll kiss your feet with everyone, just say yes !!! – Anna begged.

– Yes!!!

Yes!!! You are the Runetki webcam Veronicalopez. main and I was beaten – Rita shouted to the director.

At that time, Katya was brought to life.

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She felt that her legs were dragged between the rods of the other back and tied together. When this procedure was over, Rita looked around.

And I saw that all Wab camera usa rooms xxxxx xx Shaggaa. the girls are standing around her and Marinina’s bed, and Marina is in the same position as she is. Ahead of all stood Anna.

“Well, rats, will we apologize?” She asked the girls.

“Yes, you have gone, mare,” Rita replied. “Now untie me, you cowardly creatures, then we’ll talk. ”

Marina silently, with a fright in her eyes, looked at Rita and around.

“Prescribe them,” Anna said loudly.

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Thunder, as they say, broke out on Monday. Rita felt already normal.

She was sitting at the lesson. The heels were still a little painful when walking, and the priest, who turned blue, with crusts on his wounds, burned and ached from a long sitting.

Rita spoke to Katya, thanking her for intervening for her. Marina kept close to Rita, and no one touched her New cam girls Xxxrebekaxxx..

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Yes!!! Shouted Natalya.

Rita, already started to cry out, to endure such pain she did not have more strength.

“Oh, the partisan started pricking herself,” Anna said solemnly with a smile and paused.

– No, no, I will not: I can not Webcam online girls sex chat Raffaell-ka. anymore. Rita moaned and dropped her head in her hands.

“She’s lost her fucking mind, she lost consciousness, fucked her so stubbornly, completely crooked: she’ll go away, we’ll continue, she’ll still pour our feet, give her ammonia,” Anna said, and throwing the hose off ordered the girls to untie Rita.

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At this time, Anna continued to beat Rita. She heavily, at intervals, struck hoses on the Ritin heels and periodically beat on the rest of the foot, making small pauses and watching the reaction of the victim.

Rita loudly moaned, lifted her head up, her face reddened and sweated profusely. Rita Ipad mature video chat Thaiwanaxxxx. also moved her feet, she pulled a socks. And then she received a blow on her fingers and on the elevation near them, then the prescribed one would arch her foot forward, as if pulling on the soles of the soles, immediately followed by a blow to the heels.

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Unlike many of her fellow tribesmen in the Webcam sex video Ckari. orphanage, Rita did not become a thief, she tried to observe discipline and because of the possibilities she comprehended the school sciences. The level of teachers was very mediocre and the library poor.

Nevertheless, Rita made friends with the teacher, read all her home library. All this in the compartment made her the leader among the rest of the children.

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After 20 blows, the director repeated the question.

– Rita, say yes, I beg you, they will not beat us up until we say – Anna sobbed.

– Hey you all – answered Rita

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Rita, spare! – continued Anna.

“I’m going to die now,” Katya sobbed.

– And you, the creature spared me? NO NO!!!

Said Rita.

The beating continued.

Katya howled without a break. Anna screeched like a pig.