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The lessons of the blowjob from Uncle Zahar were not in vain.

Vitka groaned.

It was the first blowjob in his life, and he was made by a smart girl, whom he did not dare to dream about. All those painted fools from his district did not go to any comparison with the natural beauty of Dashka.

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For a long time Vitya did not have enough. Dasha decided to try the sperm on the taste right from the source, so when the guy began to bend towards her, with a cry Now !, she did not remove her head, but simply folded her lips in the shape of the letter O and took the whole charge in her mouth.

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I fell on a chair that stood near the window. I was literally struck by a fit of happiness.

And I watched with Liev chat Mistressex. pleasure as my Tatyana Viktorovna prank herself up, bustled at her desk.

The lesson was over, I had a little rest, and now, I had to go to chemistry.

She went to open the door for me. At the very door, I stopped her, and turned her face to me.