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The key opens the massive oak door and gestures to go there.

“No, no, do not!” – Hysterically asks the girl, but the guards grab her by the hand and drag her to the door.

She rests, Crossdresser live cam Hotamber. falls, and the guards drag her struggling body dragging along the stone floor. Her shirt is bulging, revealing beautiful white breasts with pink nipples, but the guards continue to drag her to the door.

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In the corners there are some boxes Best videochat Onelustybbw., on the wall hang tongs, sticks, whips and some other, incomprehensible tools. From all that she has seen, she shivers.

Suddenly out of the semi-darkness comes the same man with a beard and two guards. The guards rise on either side of the table, the man opposite.

“I am entrusted with the ecclesiastical authority, I once again ask you if you are ready to confess to heretics,” says the man, with a menacing glare.

– I have nothing to admit!

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In the dark fog of despair there was a spark of hope.

“Listen,” she said. – Do not kill me.

“You know too much,” the barrel pressed harder on the back of the head. Now he will shoot!

– Wait! The woman whispered hurriedly, although the walls of the room did not let in a sound, and the guards could not hear them. “I can help you get to the roof!” Dexter has a whole platoon of guards and explosives!

“I can handle myself. ”

“I can work for you!” Canada sexmodels Ledylera. She shuddered frantically, foreseeing death. – I will do everything what you want!