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He left her for almost half an hour, so that the girl could squirm too much, trying to free herself. By the end of this time, Galina was already on the verge of orgasm and lay motionless resting.

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The husband came in, he was completely naked.

Galina lay on her back and obediently waited for what would happen next. Forces resisted, and there was no longer any talk.

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My husband obviously liked it

He went to the bed, crouched beside him, reached out his hand between Galina’s legs, fingered the tip of a wet vibrator, which Girl xxx live mobi Pinaypearl69. protruded between her legs and pressed it with his finger.

The vibrator penetrated a little deeper and Galina moaned. That’s what she lacked. The slippery phallus popped back, but her husband pushed him inside again.