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Everything happened in a small informal town in the center of Ukraine. Zhenya arranged to meet with Malvina on an abandoned building, the highest and most romantic place in the city, where all the young people of the city gathered according to tradition, and there was a lot of Porno vidyosu Carmellaangel. interesting things. She, as always came earlier, bought a beer to herself to think about the upcoming, sat on the top site of the construction site, looked at the city, leisurely dreamed.

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I know – we were baptized together, in one day, only she was still quite a baby, and I already saw a wandering acting life, until Loy brought me into the city community – she was happy waiting for your marriage with her – so then Lipa’s heart is not free, and this marriage seemed to me a strategic move, both from her family and from his. People geting naked live and no sign ups Alexa_bi_777.

“The engagement is dissolved,” Lipa still did not look at me, his gaze fixed on a blank sheet of paper, “but I do not quite agree with that. ” You do not know, but the Sertons are leaving the city.

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I’ll buy us a house that you want. You will have beautiful dresses and ornaments.

“So the city is doomed?” So you do not see the future here?

Loy buries his face in my hair, I feel how Video chat ruletka porno Apollon18plus. difficult it is for him to admit his impotence.

“Yes, the Sertons are going to flee the city, even they are abandoning us. ” The power gradually passes to Lipa, so it will be, if they let him.

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The man takes a step towards her, his torchlight is reflected in his black eyes.

– You are a witch and will answer for your crimes, you came to our city for a reason last autumn, after you in our city, a drought and crop failure began.

And this city! – He calls out and hits the girl in the face.

Her head leans back, blood drips from the broken breast.

“You will die, like all witches, but first we must receive recognition from you, such is the law. ” And Anonymous sex chats Kiss_my_lips. I can assure you, we have the means to do this.

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Now Lipa heads the company to maintain order in the city, his armed people are on duty in the streets.

Serton ends his speech and people diverge, seeking to hide in their homes.

I follow Abraham when suddenly someone grabs my sleeve. This is Grass.

“I have news for you,” says the teenage girl I know for many years. “I Online sec videos Salexisxxx2. heard people talking about the three men who intended to leave the city, but the military tried to stop them, they opened fire, but they They were able to take shelter in a coal house before they closed it.

“What kind of men were they?” – I ask her excitedly.

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I still did not know where Ian left, but I hoped that he would be able to avoid what awaits us all here.

I was not sure that Loy would return today, because everyone who had any interest in this city, now held a council, each his own. The Sertons had not left the Town Hall for several hours already, keeping in correspondence with the commander-in-chief, who Free live audio webcam sex mobile Juicylatinaxx. had taken the city under siege by the order of the monarch, and trying to bring the negotiations to the proper channel and to the city.