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But no one can order me to open a big house, like mines he does not fall under Lipa’s jurisdiction, only Sertons are above me here. If you get their permission, I’ll open a big house.

“It’s not possible, they will not give such permission. ” They do not Cams4u com Irinaxxx. care, – I almost shout in his face. “There must be some way. ” Please.

Big Frey looks toward the big house in a reverie, chewing his lips.

“I could go to your meeting, but now it’s a tough time. ” I will open the house, there will be a leak, who will respond, I can lose everything.

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But his dreams were not destined to come true, for Jones put him in the middle of the room and, going to the door, switched on the switch. Scary sharp thorns emerged from the floor and walls, only a small square was left and it was only possible to stand on it.

“You’ll stand and think, slave, over your behavior. Skinny cams4u Kassiehot. ” Fall asleep, fall on the thorns, you’ll sit down, you’ll take an ass all yourselves, you’ll make a step, you’ll spoil your foot.