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Inside me, such a fire broke out!. . . I do not know what to do with myself. . . Here’s a shirt, put your hands in your sleeves, I’ll hold it. . . So. . . Now let me- I will embrace you, unhappy, and kiss.

And then very close:

– Who is this at such a late time I hugs and kisses under the door?

The voice immediately becomes clear: this is Tatiana.

Sxs vldo m xxxx Alta_graciaxx.

“Ah, that’s who it is!” – she continues, probing us. – Maman says goodbye to the child, calling him disobedient at the same time!

“Is not that so?” – Maman objects, stroking my cheeks.

“Who doubts!” Only from where and where is he going, unattractive, the way?

– Where, I do not know, and where the way holds, I have no idea – after all, he’s me unhappy!