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He crawled to the feet of the mistress and began to cover her shoes and legs with kisses.

“Who allowed you to kiss my feet,” angrily dismissing his slave, said Einjil.

Mike hid his head, remaining lying on his stomach.

“I beg, forgive me,” he managed to force himself, trying to control his throat. – Mistress, pity, over your slave.

“Oh, that’s how you sang, now. ” So, I realized that you are my slave, you had very little sunlight, and you became silk.

“Yes, lady,” Mike murmured. “Thank you for the lesson, lady. ” Thank you, Mistress.

“This is not a lesson,” said the queen, grinning, “it’s only a prelude to your upbringing. ” Sunbathing will seem to you just a resort, in relation to what awaits Sunny leone life sex charts Samanthahot. you in the future.