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Marina nestled on the floor, so that it would not rest on a battered ass, and put Valina’s head on her lap.

– Poor, why are they like you?

“Behind the underground,” Valya whispered softly.

“What kind of underground?”

– Neither your business, do not climb, and then there will be many problems, you’re that girlfriend, tomorrow you’ll go out, go to Lyuda Savostina, do you know her?

– Yes, I know this is my neighbor, daughter of Aunt Natasha

– Well, warn them that they would leave, otherwise I’m afraid that I will not endure torture – I finished Valya and cried.

– And what Sex free on lin e Dior88men., you still will be tortured?

“They will, oh, how painfully they torture,” sobbed Lobanov, “there’s no strength to endure:. .