Random cammen Marleysky.

And on the stairs could already hear the tramp. Mitia seriously decided that while he was distracted by self-service in the toilet, the office knows how the intruders made their way.

He gravely grabbed the pneumatic gun and prepared to face the danger face to face.

Svetochka hid behind him, trying to become invisible.

The first to go into the black muzzle was the flushed Korkin.

“Well,” Mitya drawled, dropping his weapon.

“We are looking for a bookkeeper,” the perpetrator reported, “she paid us a salary, a bitch, not enough. ” Saw, no?

“Do not give them to me,” Sveta whispered, tugging Mitya behind her jacket, “do not give it away, or else I’ll calculate traffic for it. ”

“Suddenly she threw her cigarette,” vaguely waved to the exit of Random cammen Marleysky. the pair, “she said she forgot something in the car.